Interview: Les Mirettes, embroidered jewels

Portrait de Marielle Hertier

Les Mirettes is the second brand discovered by Out There in Saint Etienne. Far from the cute panties by Daisy Dudu, les Mirettes aka Marielle Hertier creates mischievous embroidered jewels and other accessories.

Les Mirettes: career path

Les Mirettes from Out There on Vimeo.… Lire la suite

Interview: Daisy Dudu, mischievous panties

Mysterious panties have recently been added to the products retailed by Out There. Most of you had only seen them on social networks for the moment, but hold your breath: it’s now time to lift the veil from these cute undies

Daisy Dudu, the genesis

Camille, créatrice de Daisy Dudu

Sparkling, full of colours and humour, Daisy Dudu’s panties are quite alike their designer Camille.… Lire la suite

Loris Craspag, accessories for men going against trends


As most of the people we met in the last few months, Loris Craspag is not just a men accessories designer, but rather wears several hats (Nope, this post ain’t about hats. Fine, I’ll see myself out.).

His career path

“I always loved drawing“, explains Loris.… Lire la suite